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TNT Kid’s Fitness Website Redesign

The Codelation crew had the pleasure of teaming up with TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics to update their online presence. TNT came to us at the end of 2021 looking for a site redesign. Their old site was outdated, difficult to navigate, and didn’t represent TNT the way they wanted it to. The goal of the site refresh was to create more concise navigation, establish more focus on their business sponsors and special needs programs, as well as modernize the look and feel of the site. Our team identified more than a few problems with their old site:

  1. The site had an overabundance of pages, over 50 different ones. Identical information was repeated on multiple pages. The old navigation menu held about ten items in the main menu, and under each of those menu items were about ten more items each.
  2. The site’s design was outdated and in need of a new, modern look.
  3. They wanted to make sure the site was mobile-friendly and provided a seamless user experience so that parents could sign up for classes easily. 

The first part of our solution was to create a new navigation menu for the site and decrease the number of pages. We took their site from 50+ pages to 14 pages. Implementing a new menu with categories that made more sense to the user and the site immensely improved the user experience. We also added secondary navigation on the homepage to showcase the business’s four major programs—recreation, fitness, childcare, and special needs. This way, users could easily navigate to and consume the information they needed. 

The rest of the project was focused on redesigning the site to feel modern and fun while highlighting their sponsors and donation partnerships. We added a donation section with a button to link to their Giving Hearts Day page and created a carousel of their sponsors on the bottom of the homepage. We kept the branding consistent while refreshing the layout, information, and images on the site. We also made sure to keep an emphasis on the coordinating mobile design of the site because an overwhelming 70% of users are on a mobile device today. Through branding consistency, a clear and concise layout, and new navigation, we delivered a new site that checked all the boxes that TNT was looking for. Huge thank you to TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics for choosing to work with our team.

TNT also has something exciting coming up on the horizon. Their annual Able Games is happening April 9-10 at the Veterans Memorial Arena. The Able Games is a fitness competition that celebrates all levels of ability. Professional athletes will be making appearances and competing in events with local athletes, so don’t miss out! You can register to compete today on their site! Those not interested in competing are welcome to volunteer, donate, or just plain cheer on the athletes. We imagine it will be quite an action-packed event!

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