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Validate Your Startup for FREE

How valuable would it be to have your target market tell you EXACTLY what they wanted in terms of product or service?

  • What problems they are having and how painful they are.
  • What solutions can solve their problems.
  • How much they would pay to solve their problems.

What's Inside

We created this ebook to help you navigate the ins and outs of your big idea to help you understand if you’re truly prepared to take the next step into the world of startup and entrepreneurship. Aside from learning more about what a startup is, including its benefits and pitfalls, inside these pages you’ll learn a lot about how to:

  • Identify the problem you’re trying to solve with your idea
  • Define and refine your idea using a technique called validation
  • Determine who will benefit from your idea
  • The time, money and expertise you need to be successful
  • How to differentiate yourself from other companies (your competition)
  • Build your idea, including what and who needs to be involved
  • Be aware of startup costs
  • Launch smart
  • Prepare yourself for success

About Codelation

Since Codelation launched back in 2009, we’ve helped all kinds of ideas come to life. We’ve been a part of many wins and also many learning moments, including our own, and this guide is a culmination of some of our best advice.

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