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Web App Development Services

From your idea, to validated MVP, and beyond

Codelation’s team and process are here for you for the long haul. From startups to Fortune 500s, we build custom apps for companies working in a wide range of industries. 

Why go custom?

A Custom Web App Can Do The Hard Work For You

Need an MVP to get in front of your users faster while not breaking the bank? Or perhaps you’re looking to freshen up an existing product to stay in tune with customer needs. Develop a custom-built web app and get the look, feel, and functionality out-of-the-box software doesn’t offer. Not sure what a web app is exactly? Learn more about this type of app here.

Codelation will work with you to:

  • Control the way your company’s software works for you
  • Create an experience for your customers and users they can’t get anywhere else
  • Increase your company’s internal efficiencies
  • Scale your operations using software unique to your very own business
A partner for all your needs

Why choose Codelation?

Our team is passionate about helping people and their ideas reach for the stars. If you’re looking for just a developer, we’re not the ones for you. We've helped launch products in retail, education, manufacturing, finance, and more. The skills we’ve honed and the squad we’ve assembled has led us to collaborate with startups and Fortune 500 companies. Some might even say the team has dev superpowers (well, actually, that might be just us saying that. A lot of our team enjoys nerdy things). We’d love for you to be the next person to amass a horde of happy customers.

Our Process

Let’s collaborate and get you what you need (while staying on budget)

Trusting someone with your idea can be a nerve-wracking step. We get it, you’re putting your time, money, faith, and unique idea in the hands of a dev partner you’ve only met a few times. With us, we'll make sure to put your mind at ease by keeping you close to the action. Every project is a little different, but one aspect stays the same: Our priority is making sure you understand the process and that you’re a part of it along the way. Learn more about our methodology or contact us here to get in touch with a real person.

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We can talk the talk

Languages and Frameworks we use

Every dev partner has its specialties, and our team is no different! Curious what we use under the hood for web app builds? Take a peek at what we do best for these projects:



Case Study


Marketing guru Neil Patel came to us for help with an app allowing users to take advantage of web push notifications for their sites and increase subscribers in the process. The team jumped at the opportunity and helped Neil develop Subscribers.com.

Case Study

Harvest Profit

Harvest Profit made a farm management software tool that allows farms of all sizes to track their profit and loss in real time, giving them the confidence to make fewer emotional decisions and more profit-focused business decisions. Nick, the creator of Harvest Profit, needed someone to build his SAAS (software as a service) product idea, so that he could help farmers manage the financial side of their business.

Case Study


Dieumerci Christel was inspired to build a tool that helped teachers form better relationships with their students. This leads to better understanding, communication, and learning. The team at Codelation was up to the challenge to help develop this amazing tool.

Case Study


Everyone has to rent something at some point in their lives, yet there isn’t a platform that consolidates all available rentals into one place… until now! When Micah Tweten, an entrepreneur and real estate enthusiast, reached out to our team about building a progressive web application that would connect owners and renters of just about anything, we were more than excited to be a part of it.

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