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App Review: Hinge

Last Updated on November 24, 2020

On this week’s episode we take a look at the dating app Hinge. Erick shares how Hinge differs itself from other dating apps that are currently on the market. We also touch on advice relating to creating a clone of an app.

Hey Everyone!

I’m Josh and I’m Erick. 

Erick: Today’s idea is building should you clone an app/specifically only my review of the dating app Hinge. So we’ll get into a little back story. A couple of weeks ago a company approached us about building a new dating app. They wanted to build something really similar to an app called Hinge. They asked us if we were familiar with Hinge. You being married for 12 years quickly said no. I being single said no. We went about researching this app in a little different way. Josh how did you research the app.

J: Well I foolishly told my wife over a text message I’d be signing up for research for a client. So that wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve done. Then I started looking at their site and the app in the app store. 

E: What did you find?

J: That they have an entire site dedicated to the psychology and the data behind getting someone to delete the app. HingeLabs.com which was interesting, sort of reminded me of Noom the weightloss app.

J: Erick how did you go about researching this app?

E: I just went ahead and downloaded it.

J: What did you find?

E: It was different. I liked that you couldn’t see EVERYONE who was on the app at once. One of the things I don’t like about dating apps is it’s almost overwhelming. I am only looking for one girl. I don’t overly like looking at hundreds of potential people, and carrying on a bunch of different conversations. 

J: Anything else you liked? 

E: I liked that it had little questions to start conversations with. In my pictures I travel, and I say guess where this picture is taken from, or it just straight up asks a few questions like give me advice on ________ Then I said great national or state parks because I love road trips. It helps start conversations better than any other dating apps I have tried. 

J: I found it interesting that it wasn’t just a “oh that person is cute” sort of an angle, you get to know someone and then also that you don’t know what happens if you don’t engage with someone, do they go away for ever, do you get the chance to find them again???

E: I don’t know. I have interacted with some of the people on it. I am having conversations with two potential people to go on a date with. That is more than enough for me to be interacting with. My final thought is no one cares where they meet their significant other. After some research I liked the fact it kind of had built in ice breakers in it. Did you have any thoughts on this company building a similar app or any company trying to clone and existing app?


E: Wrap up. Thank you for listening, we’re hoping you know of a startup that could use our advice and  random thoughts. Send them over to codelation.com to hear the next podcast.