Our Leadership

Josh christy

Josh Christy


Josh's development background is in full LAMP stack development with a heavy JavaScript influence. As we've grown Josh has turned in his code editor to lead the growth and business development charge at Codelation. He's passionate about attracting and retaining talent to the Fargo, ND ecosystem by being an active member in the startup community and by co-founding Prairie I/O.

Brian pattison

Brian Pattison

Technical Director

Brian has been creating web applications for 15 years. He fell in love with Ruby on Rails in 2007, and now he loves to hack on anything Ruby, including RubyMotion. He continues to learn and share with others by co-organizing the iOS/OS X development meet-up group NSFargo and by contributing to open source projects like MenuMotion. Oh, and he's been writing Ember.js apps since it was called SproutCore 2.0.

Jeremiah utecht

Jeremiah Utecht

Operations Director

Jeremiah is passionate about doing things the right way. With 14 years of experience in operations, project, and support management, he knows the long term impact of choices at each phase. His background also includes experience in mobile technologies and development in Ruby on Rails. Currently leading operations and project practice at Codelation ensuring deliverables delight, and projects are completed on time and budget. Last but certainly not least he volunteers with Prairie I/O to help build awesome technical communities in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Tyson irby

Tyson Irby

Senior Creative Engineer

Tyson has been designing for over 20 years. With experience in print, graphic, and web design, he brings his passion for web design to Codelation as their resident Creative Engineer. He is currently broadening his skill set to include front-end development and plans to help Codelation take over the world, one pixel at a time.