We value transparency.

We understand that each project is unique and can come with unexpected challenges. With our extensive experience, we have identified common scenarios that most of our clients fall into. Once we establish a connection with you, we will tailor the best-suited option for you and your project's needs.

Our Discovery Process focuses on establishing the groundwork for your new business or product. It all starts with our consulting engagement, where we work closely with your team to identify the core problems you are aiming to solve. By conducting interviews and analyzing your current operations, we will pinpoint any bottlenecks and uncover areas of potential growth. These insights will inform the technical requirements needed to develop your product in alignment with market demands and your business's core values.

During our Discovery Process, we thoroughly assess your existing software and tools to identify valuable upgrades or integrations that will improve products and workflows. We provide a detailed roadmap for technical architecture and product transformation, drawing on our custom experiences to enhance your offerings. Our established design process incorporates research, user experience considerations, and product design expertise. We create professional clickable mockups showcasing the core functionalities of your future application, setting the stage for your project's success.

Projects typically span two months, starting at $30,000. For more complex requirements, costs may reach around $60,000. Our non-linear design process allows for flexibility, and the timeframe may be extended if additional research, discovery, or development work is requested.


If you have a clear vision, secured initial funding, and aim to launch your product within a year's timeframe, our MVP Development tier is ideal for you. We specialize in fully designed custom web applications or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)  incorporating key features like onboarding/tutorial, marketing websites, and an intuitive admin panel. As we work on developing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we will also collaborate with you to align the user experience with your brand, refining your identity for a cohesive presentation.

Our minimum engagement for developing a single app starts at $30,000. While it is uncommon, there may be instances where a significant enhancement to an existing application could fall within this price range. Complex projects range between $150,000 and $300,000, involving cloud database integration, APIs, and an admin panel. We'll provide a detailed cost estimate and timeline once we understand your requirements and goals.


In our partnership, your deliverables will be tailored to your current goals and opportunities. We understand the need to balance competing needs and adjust priorities as necessary. If your product is already live, we'll focus on scaling it, starting with the highest-priority items in your backlog. Our commitment extends beyond short-term projects; we aim to be your long-term team. We anticipate a partnership that lasts for years, where our success depends on each other.

The monthly expenses associated with our partnership are directly influenced by your strategic goals and roadmap. Typically, monthly costs range from $30,000 to $60,000, based on your strategic goals and roadmap. Our team's time allocation aligns with the monthly expenditure, allowing for flexibility and resource allocation.