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Recent Partnerships

NeilPatel.com - SEO Analyzer

SEO Tools

Neil's goal was to drive more traffic to his site. Our tool for Neil drove over 1M visitors to quicksprout.com in the first few months alone, and that number is still climbing!


At Subscribers.com we helped Neil create a platform for web push notifications to allow marketers to achieve click rates between 20 and 40% which is unheard of in other marketing channels.

"Codelation just gets it done, plain and simple!"

Neil Patel



We helped Nick at HarvestProfit.com build farm management software tools to better assist his clients with running their farm. With features like a real-time P&L, marketing plan, and what/if analysis, Harvest Profit's customers can stop managing their farm on gut feel and emotion.

"Codelation has helped me grow my app from idea to reality, not just from the code, but helping me navigate the entire tech landscape. They've stepped in with expertise that I haven't found from anywhere else."

Nick Horob

Why Codelation

Why Codelation

We have found that the majority of development companies don’t focus on the right things. They develop the app or product, but they don’t step alongside you to make sure that you are truly building something that will be successful.


We measure our success by your success.

Validate The Idea

From our experience a good idea doesn't always turn into a good product. We want to make sure that you have the tools to know what all the moving pieces are within your business.

Target Customers

The right idea, and even the right product doesn't mean much if you aren't talking to the right customer base. We'll show you how to find them.

Financials & Pricing

Building a real business can be scary and also very expensive. We'll show you the way that we've helped our customers fund development, it's actually pretty slick.

Right Product

At this point building the right product is listening to our target customers within the scope of what is financially do-able. We show you how we can get it done on time and on budget.