Get your big idea in front of your customers faster.

Our consultative approach to startup driven app development will get your product idea to market faster and in a better position for success.

Advantages of a consultative
development process


Think Big

You are an expert in your field – we’re going to have some catching up to do before we can understand what makes your business tick.

We understand that in most cases, the product that we are being asked to produce is only a small piece of the much bigger puzzle that is your business. Taking the time to understand your whole business is a critical step to ensuring the resulting product will be a good “fit.”


Start Small

Do you ever worry about sinking a ton of money into development only to find out you’d missed the mark and people just aren’t interested in the resulting product?

Approaching a development project as a ‘one-shot’ endeavor is one of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen many entrepreneurs make. You’ve likely spent years working on the ground game for your business, your technical development project shouldn’t feel like a “Hail Mary” pass.

We’ll help you come up with a great initial product launch that your users will love, and we’ll find a way to do it as quickly, and as cost-effectively, as possible.


Learn from Real Users

Once you’ve launched your initial product you’ll be in a much better position to rely on real user feedback to drive future development on your product.

We’ll help you access that user feedback and turn it into actionable tasks to improve the product and increase customer conversions and retention.

Make Something that Listens

Prairie Public Broadcasting

See how we designed the next method of communication, an Alexa skill, for a midwest radio and TV broadcast company.

Codelation was committed, they cared about making this work right for us, and helping us understand what was going on.

– Bill Thomas, Prairie Public Broadcasting
Make Something that Connects


What started out as a broken office phone system turned into a new online product. See what we've learned.

Make Something that Engages

See how we helped Neil Patel create a tool that uses web push notifications to drive more traffic.

Codelation just gets it done, plain and simple!

– Neil Patel, Neil Patel Agency
Make Something that Visualizes

Be More Colorful

Be More Colorful wanted to better relay engagement with their customers' 360° imagery, so we made them an app to help their customers stay on top of social interaction of their content.

Make Something that Thrives

See how we helped Nick turn his farming management software idea into a minimum viable product that now has over 250 customers throughout the US and Canada.

Codelation has helped me grow my app from idea to reality, not just from the code, but helping me navigate the entire tech landscape. They've stepped in with expertise that I haven't found from anywhere else.

– Nick Horob, Harvest Profit