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On this week’s episode of From Idea to Done, Erick and Josh talk about the book “Fanatical Prospecting” by Jeb Blount. Josh shares his biggest takeaways from reading it, like the idea of the 90 Day Rule.

VO: Get ready for your semi-regular dose of random ideas from the guys at Codelation. We like to talk about big ideas companies that are winning, and those that aren't along with current events in our crazy world of software startups. So come along with Erick and Josh, who challenge you to think big, start small and turn your ideas into something on this episode of, from idea to done

Josh: Hey everyone I'm Josh

Erick: And this, uh, this week's idea is prospecting. Well, a little more like aggressive prospecting. In fact, Fanatical Prospecting. This is a book that you actually asked me to read by Jeb Blount and Josh, why did you want me to read this book?

Josh: I thought there are some really strong takeaways from the book. Uh he's Jeff's got a really good sales background. He runs a sales consultancy, and I just thought it could help us learn from someone that's really at the top of the game.

Erick: I'd like to do a two-part episode on this. We'll get your thoughts and mine after I finish, I'm a solid third into this right now. And so what, what are some of your bigger takeaways from this book?

Josh: The two that really got to me were the concept of protecting the golden hours and the 90 day rule.

Erick: And again, I don't overly read books unless you tell me to. And so the main reason I feel like as a business owner, you tell me to read something, is there something you want me to take back to your business? So I don't like reading without taking action. What is something from this book you want me to implement in my job?

Josh: So I think we really need to make sure that we're paying attention to the 90 day rule to start with we're a part marketing and part direct sales organization. So always be prospecting the 90 day rule states that if you have a sales slow down, it's because you let your foot off the pedal. About 90 days ago, you remember Eric, Glen, Gary, Glen Ross, coffee's for closers

Erick: Coffees. I okay. I have coffee so much, no matter what the situation. And so we'll just agree to disagree on that. What was the other takeaway in the golden hour?

Josh: Yes, it's protecting the golden hours. And as salespeople, we do a lot of activity that we think of sales related. Um, but protecting the golden hours of saying that you have a window of time between eight and five to where your prospects are at work. And so you should be doing prospecting and sales related activities, not jumping on social media or trying to do something else that you think, you know, air quotes here is, is sales activities it's really marketing or pushing off of work you should be doing

Erick: So checking my likes today. [inaudible] so, yeah. What's your overall review of the book then?

Josh: Um, honestly, it's been one of the better sales books that I've read. Uh, it kind of feels like common sense, but after you've read it.

Erick: Yeah, no, I, I, I don't read tons of books unless someone I like or someone who pays me like you recommend those are my air quotes that I read it and I've been into it a little bit. And it's, it's actually one, um, without finishing it, this could be multiple books and it's been really good so far. And so when I finished this thing will have me review it.

Josh: Great. Thanks you for listening to this episode. If you don't start up the could use our random advice and thoughts, have them subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.

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Erick and Josh talk about big ideas, companies that are winning and those that aren’t, and current events in the crazy world of software startups.

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