Episode 3

7 Things to Think about when Building a Website

In this episode of Idea to Done, we talk through 7 things to think about when building a website.

Make sure you know who owns what.

In this episode of Idea to Done, we talk through 7 things to think about when building a website.

Josh Christy  0:03  
Hi, I’m Josh.

Erick Roder  0:10  
And I’m Eric. And on today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the seven things you need to know when building a website.

Josh Christy  0:17  
There’s a lot of people that that do website design and development, there’s also a lot of different types of websites that people need. And we want to make sure that you understand some of the differences. And really seven things that that go into things that we’d recommend that you take a look at when when building your next website, website for a chiropractor, or coffee shop is going to be different than a sales based website where you’re trying to get people to sign up for your your SaaS product or service. And that leads us really into the first thing of you know, what is the goal of your site,

Erick Roder  0:49  
right, and as a salesperson, you can’t sell the wrong product to somebody. And so he really had a talk about the goal of your own we’re all site because if you have a really nice expensive website that doesn’t do what you want, that does nothing for your business. And so one of the things that we like to kind of look at and and balances like what do you think the difference between having a marketer on your team, do it in house, getting an agency to do it or having a freelance person handle your website?

Josh Christy  1:24  
Yeah, so there’s, you know, the The second item is, you know, who does it, there’s no right or wrong, who’s going to build the site for you. But you want to look at the opportunity cost where if your internal marketing department is is billable, and you have to take them away from billable activities to build your website, is that the right place for them to be? So you know, Freelancer be a cheaper option, and agency is going to have more bells and whistles, but also comes with a higher price tag. So you know, just keep in mind how expensive it could be and what you’re looking for and make sure that you know it’s aligning with your goals, at the end of the day, don’t get sold something that you’re not believing in or or don’t see the value in.

Erick Roder  2:03  
And that even kind of brings into who’s going to be doing the content for you. And that should be an important part of your decision making process. Because an agency is going to help you a lot with your content, and you’re going to pay for it. And your marketing team might be able to have that to where you can just hire a freelancer to make all of your moving pieces in your message kind of roll with your messaging that you technically want know how to kind of do that.

Josh Christy  2:30  
And that’s the biggest piece that you can play. If you’re not going to do a website and houses providing the content, I recommend that people start with the concept of you got a very small whiteboard and a very big dry erase marker tour start with broad strokes of the content, kind of the bullet points and then flush it out from there. If you end up going the other direction on the website built then you try to add content, you’re going to try to cram information, the wrong direction and right to fit the space that it has. And,

Erick Roder  3:01  
and when you finish your site and your content and everything. And it’s all done. One of the things that a lot of people don’t really think about is what’s going to what’s it going to cost to keep this going? And do you need some extra support with that moving forward?

Josh Christy 3:18
Yep. I always recommend for people to find it, you know, if it’s going to be an outside vendor, or even your internal team to try to say, you know, if we had to have somebody take two hours a week to update this is the external team that I’m looking for how the capabilities to do that? Do they want to be doing that? These are all questions you should be asking on the front end. But you know, it’s that ongoing support that can get really costly if you’re locked into the support contract. But it can also be really nice to have somebody there that’s ready to you know, knock out those little tasks when you need them to.

Erick Roder 3:50
Right and in even when it kind of have someone at the back end like you talked about you. It’s a really important aspect of a website to be aware that how your site is getting backed up and what happens if something goes wrong?

Josh Christy 4:04
Yep, we we see a lot of WordPress website builds WordPress is a content management system. The downside to it is it’s there’s a lot of hackers out there looking to take advantage of knowing known kind of security holes within WordPress. And we see that it’s an easy place for a hack to happen. So what does happen when you get hacked? Can you get it back up and going? Do you need to talk to your hosting company? If your site gets seen as as being infected on Google, it’s going to have a bold message underneath your website under search results. Are people going to shop there anymore? You know, it’s it’s a security issue,

Erick Roder 4:48
and you see it when it happens to target but it it’s very devastating to small businesses. And that doesn’t make the news. And so knowing how to deal with the problem is an important thing that you really should think about even at step one. And that kind of gets into the last part of it. Where we talked about hosting and ownership, like where is the site going to be hosted? How do you deal with that? And do you own that site if somebody else makes it?

Josh Christy 5:14
Yeah, I’ve had a lot of people ask me, you know, where is my site hosted? Who owns this? What’s the domain? There’s so many questions that go into it. And you should know who owns what, where it’s hosted what the email providers, and you should have access to all those things. Because if you’re paying a company to come in and host your website for you, and they go out of business, where is your website, your kind of kind of up a creek, SOL unless you talk to some of us nerds who can reverse engineer the site’s going for just to know and be able to get that back.

Josh Christy 5:49
So those are really seven tips that we’d recommend for you to look at. When developing a new website. This is the same whether this is a sales website, informational website or you’re building a website site for your your new SaaS product, right.

Erick Roder 6:03
So anybody know what SaaS is out there now, Josh?

Josh Christy 6:06
Yeah, we’ll cover that in another episode. There we go. We got another topic. Yeah. All right. Well, that’s all for this episode. We look forward to talking to you next time.

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